What’s a green groomer?

Rainbow Dog Grooming is a green and eco friendly pet grooming salon focused on doing what’s best for both pets and the planet. We use all natural shampoos and cleaners, tools and brushes made from recycled materials, organic and gran free treats, and organic fabrics.

Pet Services, we have those!

  • Full haircuts for cats and dogs
  • Full baths for cats and dogs
  • Speed grooms for dogs
  • Speed baths for dogs
  • Nail trims for all pets
  • Nails grinding for dogs
  • Deshed services
  • Flea and tick bath
  • Teeth brushing
  • Gland expression
  • Bows
  • Nail painting

Our principles

Humanity before vanity – we will always act in the best interest of your pet and with their comfort and safety as our core focus.

Safety first – we take safety very seriously! When working with pets who have extra needs, we will customize our services to best protect both your pet and our groomers.

Behavior management – we believe in positively reinforcing good behaviors in our salon and will work with your pet to deter bad behaviors.

Special needs and difficult pets – pets with a history of high anxiety, aggression, or other special needs are still welcome in our salon! We will work with you and your pet to find out what methods work best for them and put them at ease during their visit.

phone: (218) 422-5822 email: rainbowdoggrooming@gmail.com
106 7th St S., Moorhead MN 56560
facebook: /rainbowdoggrooming instagram: @rainbowdoggrooming