We Are Reopening!

We are finally reopening!

Please keep in mind that some business restrictions are still in place, so customers will not be allowed inside the salon for the time being. This means pets will be handed off at the door, and payments will be made either online via PayPal or over the phone after the groom is completed.

To ensure the safety of your pet during drop off and pick up, please make sure they are leashed and have a properly fitted collar or harness.
Collars should be tight enough that the dog cannot slip their head through it, while still leaving space for two fingers between collar and neck.
Cats and small animals must be in carriers.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Published by rainbowdoggrooming

I am an independent business owner local to Moorhead, Minnesota. I own Rainbow Dog Grooming, an eco-friendly pet grooming business that focuses on environmentally safe products and practices as well as promoting "Humanity Before Vanity" as a core value.

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